The osteopathic manual medicine (OMM) department has a long history of community presence on local and regional levels. This begins first and foremost with our osteopathic manual medicine clinic in the DMU Clinic.

The University has dedicated the necessary resources to attract and retain some of the very best clinicians specializing in OMM and treatment. All seven full-time professors are board-certified. We provide expert knowledge and treatment in a broad cross-section of related medical specialties including family practice, sports medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pediatrics, internal medicine, and neuromuscular medicine. We see patients from across Iowa and even from some neighboring states, often referred to us by DMU graduates who appreciate the unique approach to patient care we provide.

Additionally, the department provides community outreach regularly through its involvement in the Osteopathic Finish Line (OFL) and other teachings of osteopathic principles and practice to students (TOPPS) events. We are also involved with yearly events such as the DMU Senior Health Fair and OMM Community Night, where attendees are exposed to students providing supervised osteopathic manual treatment (OMT).

The OMM department also has made it a goal to continue to provide quality CME programs for alumni and local practitioners.

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