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The Power has been restored on campus. Activity will resume under the current COVID guidelines. The Clinic will remain closed today and resume normal operations tomorrow.

ITS provides technology services in support of DMU's academic, clinical and research needs. ITS also manages the administrative systems and executes the IT security strategy. ITS seeks to establish trust with customers through professionalism, honest and open dialogue, high-quality customer service, and a commitment to partnership and collaboration

Mission: To serve as DMU's trusted partner to deliver the technology services that enable DMU to provide excellence in education, patient care, and research.

Vision: To strengthen and transform the way DMU teaches, learns, practices, and works by delivering creative technology solutions.

Guiding Principles: The ITS Guiding Principles below expand upon the core values of Des Moines University (Accountability, Wellness, Collaboration, Inclusiveness and Honesty). These principles work to guide our decision-making and the way in which we operate as a department.

  1. Accountability: We serve the needs of the students, patients, faculty and staff of DMU.
    • by allocating resources based on providing the greatest value and benefit for the DMU community.
    • by assuming responsibility for ensuring alignment of IT and DMU strategy.
    • by striving to develop solutions that meet customer expectations and deliver successful outcomes.
  2. Wellness: We value people.
    • by supporting work-life balance.
    • by creating a positive and collegial culture, developing relationships, honoring diversity of thought, and respecting individuals in our department.
    • by encouraging opportunities to continuously develop IT knowledge and skills.
  3. Honesty: We build trust with our community.
    • by being transparent in our decision-making and resource use.
    • by partnering with our community to manage and care for the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.
  4. Collaboration + Inclusiveness: We work across organizational structures to meet strategic goals.
    • by actively and regularly seeking input from users to understand their needs.
    • by sharing knowledge with each other and our community.
    • by ensuring the decision-making process is inclusive.
  5. Innovation: We value innovation.
    • by encouraging and supporting the use of technology to transform teaching, patient care, research, and business operations.
    • by promoting a culture focused on finding creative solutions.


View the ITS Organization Chart


Educational Technology

The Educational Technology Team is dedicated to supporting faculty and students in finding ways to effectively use technology to enhance teaching and learning both in and outside of the classroom.  The team supports our educational applications and classroom technology.  Visit the Educational Technology page for more details.

Enterprise Applications

The Enterprise Applications Team is responsible for the support, implementation, integration, operation, and enhancement of DMU's enterprise applications. Systems supported include Colleague (Accounting and Student Administration), the Pulse portal, enterprise reporting and business intelligence, meeting room software, and more.

Help Desk

The ITS Help Desk provides a first point of contact for technology assistance to the Des Moines University community.  Visit the Help Desk page for contact information and hours.


The Infrastructure Team is responsible for upkeep and management of the university wired and wireless network, servers, storage, backup and disaster recovery. They are also responsible for the university's information security program.

Project Management

The Project Management Team coordinates technnology projects throughout DMU. Visit the Projects page for more information.

Leadership Team

Carolyn Weaver, Des Moines University Chief Information OfficerCarolyn Weaver, M.B.A.
Chief Information Officer
Keith Grey, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesKeith Grey
Associate Chief Information Officer
Debra Johnson
IT Service and Support Manager
Carlyn Cox, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesCarlyn Cox
Director of Educational Technology


Garrett Alexander, Des Moines University Information and Technology ServicesGarrett Alexander
Systems Administrator
Brenda Bolen, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesBrenda Bolen
Office Assistant
Ashley Brandow, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesAshley Brandow
Senior Applications Analyst
Andrew Dennis, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesAndy Dennis
Service Desk Team Lead
Quyen Diep, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesQuyen Diep
Applications Analyst
Jessica Fearington, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesJessica Fearington
Educational Applications Administrator
Eric Fishback, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesEric Fishback
Classroom Technology & AV Manager
Dennis Hansen, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesDennis Hansen
Senior Systems Administrator Team Lead
Nathan Hentschel, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesNathan Hentschel
Service Desk Technician
Matthew Hockett, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesMatthew Hockett
Senior Network Engineer
Kyle Jacobsen, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesKyle Jacobsen
Business Analyst
Darrin Kelly, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesDarrin Kelly
Service Desk Technician
Terry Kleinhesselink, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesTerry Kleinhesselink
Senior Technical Solutions Engineer Team Lead
Bill Morton
Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Timothy Paintner, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesTimothy Paintner
Senior Solutions Engineer
Kevin Peck, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesKevin Peck
Educational Application Administrator
Trent Safford, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesTrent Safford
Service Desk Technician
Tim Scovel, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesTim Scovel
AV Coordinator
Henry Tolino, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesHenry Tolino
Applications Engineer
Trevor Utley
Educational Application Administrator
Andrew Violet, Des Moines University Information Technology ServicesAndrew Violet
Security Analyst


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