Class of 2025
Class size 60
Age The average age is 23; the range is between 20 and 41.
Sex 47% of the class is female; 53% is male.
Residency 18% of students are from Iowa, while the remaining students represent 26 states. There is not a residency requirement at DMU.
Undergraduate degree The most common undergraduate majors are biology and chemistry; however, any major is considered for admission.
Academic performance The average cumulative GPA is 3.44 and average science GPA is 3.32.
MCAT Average MCAT score is 496.
Experience Incoming students have medically related experience emphasizing patient contact.
Application timeline Successful applicants applied early in the admissions cycle. AACPMAS opens each year in August for the class that begins the following year in July.
Interview Incoming students displayed strong interview skills, including communication skills, interpersonal behaviors, knowledge of the profession, self-awareness, cultural competency and others.


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