Des Moines University and Edgewood College Announce Educational Partnership

Des Moines University Medicine and Health Sciences and Edgewood College have signed an agreement to enrich and broaden the educational horizons of Edgewood students, offering them unparalleled opportunities in medicine and health sciences.

Margaret Noreuil, Ph.D., RN, dean of the Henry Predolin School of Nursing, Business, Education and Health Sciences at Edgewood, expressed her excitement about the partnership.

“Partnering with Des Moines University significantly expands opportunities for our current and future students to pursue graduate education in a number of fields not offered at Edgewood College. We are proud of our strong tradition of educating high-quality nurses,” Noreuil says. “We are enthusiastic that this partnership will only enhance our ability to better serve those students seeking a clear pathway to an exceptional graduate medicine and health science education.”

Molly Moeller, senior director of admissions at DMU, agrees.

“This collaboration marks a step forward in preparing the next generation of health care professionals, ensuring that students from both institutions receive the highest quality education and training,” Moeller says. “This partnership aligns with our mission to advance knowledge and provide top-tier educational experiences to our students. We look forward to the pathways this partnership will bring tomorrow’s health care heroes.”

Edgewood, located in Madison, Wisconsin, is a private, nonprofit institution offering a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. DMU, based in West Des Moines, Iowa, is a graduate university specializing in medicine and health sciences.

The agreement guarantees Edgewood students the opportunity to apply and interview for several DMU programs, including:

Edgewood students who are interested in applying for DMU programs must meet all DMU general admission requirements. If they meet these requirements, they will be eligible for an interview if slots are available during the interview cycle.

The agreement also includes a significant benefit for Edgewood students — a reserved seat in DMU’s occupational therapy degree program, ensuring their priority.

As part of this partnership, students can also pursue concurrent degrees at both DMU and Edgewood. This means they can earn credits toward degrees in O.T.D, Master of Public Health and Master of Health Care Administration. Students may begin applying to these programs as early as the summer between their sophomore and junior years. By the end of their junior year, it is expected they will have completed 90 credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree at Edgewood.

“This partnership is not just about streamlining the admissions processes,” Moeller says. “It’s also about making a significant contribution to developing well-prepared health care professionals. At a time when workforce shortages in the health fields are growing, this collaboration is another important step. By providing more opportunities for students to pursue careers in health care, we are directly addressing the critical shortage of health care providers across the nation. This is a cause that DMU is deeply committed to, and we are excited to have Edgewood join us in this mission.”

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