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Walking provides numerous health benefits, from burning calories to improving your mood. It’s an easy form of exercise that almost anyone can do. The average American takes only 5,900 steps a day, about half the number of steps recommended by many health experts. While 10,000 steps is a good target for better health, it’s no magical number. The bottom line is the more you move, the better.

There are many wonderful sights around DMU. We developed several walking and running routes to help you explore the neighborhood while you stay fit. Whether you’re just beginning a walking program or training for a race, these routes can help you get started. Each map provides the distance, approximate walking time and endurance level. Bring up any route on your phone or print a map and take it with you!

Des Moines Art Center

Terrace Hill


South of Grand

Salisbury House

Gray’s Lake

Water Works Park

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