Body Sculpt: A group strength training class using dumbbells, body bars, balls and more.  Come and learn the basic techniques, or get a refresher, on proper strength training.  This class uses a high repetition format to increase muscular endurance in a fun and motivating environment!  This class is great for beginners as well as more advanced exercisers.

BodyShred: Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™ is a fun, effective, 30-minute, high intensity, metabolic conditioning workout that’s the accumulation of her 20 years of expertise in the fitness industry. BODYSHRED™ is ‘Intelligent Training.’ It’s kinetic, it’s energetic; it provides the ultimate challenge, regardless of level. Utilizing Jillian’s 3-2-1 interval approach to whole body circuit training (3 min. of strength, 2 min. of cardio, 1 min. of abs), BODYSHRED™ integrates all of the most progressive exercise science techniques used by world-class athletes into one program.

Spin classCycling: This class uses variations of resistance and speed, focusing on strength and endurance, all set to great music.  This creates a great cardio workout for fitness and weight loss.  Class is based on individual ability, so every class works for anyone from beginner to advanced.

Express Indoor Cycling:  An indoor cycling class with all of the cardio and endurance of a regular cycling class, crammed into one solid 30-minute workout.

Mat Pilates: This mat-based workout is designed to help participants develop leaner, longer-looking muscles, establish core strength and stability, and heighten mind-body awareness.  Equipment, such as, BOSUs, bands and mini-stability balls, may be incorporated to add variety.

Power Sculpt Yoga: Sculpt is a unique combination of power yoga, core training and cardio.  Sculpt is an upbeat and challenging practice designed to strengthen students yoga practice.  The yoga postures in sculpt are similar to a beginner class with the addition of weights.  Power Sculpt targets every muscle group in the body to help you look great and feel your best.

Power Yoga:   Power yoga is a flowing vinyasa style of yoga linking breath to movement.  More athletic than other yoga traditions, the goal of power yoga is to build strength, flexibility and endurance – both of mind and body – and leave the practitioner em-power-ed.

To the Core: Core strength training and stretching focused primarily on strengthening your abs, lower back and glutes.

WERQ!:  WERQ is the fiercely fun dance fitness class based on current pop, rock, and hip hop charting music. High-energy dance steps, expert cuing, and songs you know and love from the radio combine for a uniquely effective cardiovascular WERQout enjoyed by all fitness backgrounds and all levels of dance ability.  Are you ready to WERQ?

Yoga Flow: An energizing class focusing on yogic breathing techniques.  Gentle to moderate postures.  Relaxation and meditation with intention to raise self-awareness and consciousness.  Great place to begin your yoga practice after injury or pain.


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