Third-year clerkship

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Required rotation

Each doctor of osteopathic medicine student, during his or her third year, is required to complete a pediatric clerkship. This four-week long rotation is intended to be a structured experience under direct supervision. It is a time to build a foundation in clinical pediatric problem-solving and decision-making; a time to build clinical experience and acumen on a foundation of didactic information.

For more information on clinical rotations please visit the Clinical Affairs page.

Assignments and exams

Students on the pediatric clerkship are required to complete the 32 online cases called CLIPP. These cases are web-based, interactive, pediatric specific modules that, when used alongside the required reading and the skills learned in the field, can prove to be an invaluable tool in the pediatric rotation experience. Information regarding the CLIPP Cases can be found on the medical education website

Along with the CLIPP cases, students are also required to complete a post-rotation exam. This exam should be taken during the last week, or the week following, the rotation. Students must pass this exam, which is based on the CLIPP Case information, in order to successfully pass their rotation

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