M.S.P.A.S. Curriculum


Beginning with the cohort matriculating in 2023, the curriculum offers 14 months of didactic study, followed by 12 months of clinical course work and supervised clinical practice experiences.

In addition to basic science and clinical medicine courses, the program features education in clinical reasoning, pharmacotherapeutics, medical ethics, health systems and policy, public health, research, diversity and inclusion, wellness and PA professional topics. Additionally, the program offers interprofessional education experiences with both internal and external health professions education programs.

The clinical curriculum allows students the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the didactic phase to the clinical setting. Clinical sites are located throughout Iowa, the Midwest and the United States. Students may also be able to complete one of their clinical experiences internationally through the global health department.

Students are not required to solicit clinical sites or preceptors. The program allows students to suggest clinical sites and/or preceptors. The program will then comprehensively evaluate suggested sites and/or preceptors and approve based on educational suitability.

We are proud of the breadth and depth of our curriculum and have developed a philosophy of early and regular reinforcement of the knowledge, skills, abilities and fundamentals of the profession that are essential to the success of our graduates.

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Summer Term
(June - July)
Fall Term
(August - December)
Spring Term
(January - May)
Year 1 Clinically Oriented Anatomy
Clinical Skills A
Foundations in Medical Science
Evidence-Based Practice
Clinical Medicine I
Physical Diagnosis
Clinical Skills B
Pharmacology/Therapeutics I
Clinical Applications I
PA Professional Practice A
Clinical Medicine II
Clinical Skills C
Pharmacology/Therapeutics II
Clinical Applications II
PA Professional Practice B
Year 2 Clinical Medicine III
Health System and Policy
Clinical Skills D
Clinical Applications III
Foundations of Clinical Practice
Clinical Curriculum* | September – May
Family Medicine — 8 weeks
Internal Medicine — 8 weeks
Primary Care — 4 weeks
Surgery — 4 weeks
Emergency Medicine — 4 weeks
Pediatrics — 2 weeks
Behavioral and Mental Health — 4 weeks
Women’s Health — 2 weeks
Selectives — 8 weeks
Year 3 Foundations of Clinical Practice
Clinical Curriculum**
(See Year 2)

*Clinical Rotations begin three weeks into Fall term
**Clinical Rotations end one week prior to end of Year 3 Summer term

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