Class of 2019
Applications received 576
Candidates interviewed 149
Class size 50
Average age 24, ranging between 21 and 38
Sex 74% women, 26% men
Residence 48% of the class is from Iowa. Students come from 12 different states. There is no residency requirement at DMU.
Undergraduate degrees The most common undergraduate majors are biology, kinesiology and health science.
Academic performance Average cumulative GPA of 3.63, with a range from 2.86 to 3.92. The average science GPA is 3.55.
GRE Average GRE score is 306 (verbal – 153, quantitative – 153)
Experience Average of 3,217 hours of healthcare experience at matriculation
Application timeline CASPA opens each year in April for the class that begins the following year in June.
Interview Incoming students displayed strong interview skills, including communication skills, interpersonal behaviors, knowledge of the PA profession, self-awareness, cultural competency, and others.

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