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2019 DMU Research Symposium. Student Aracely Miron-Campo with Dr. Spocter showing a 3D printed model of the canid brainstem

As a student in the master of science in anatomy program at DMU you will gain comprehensive knowledge in the four disciplines of anatomy: gross anatomy, cell and tissue biology, neuroanatomy and human development. At the same time you will sharpen your abilities to teach all four major disciplines and engage others in learning.

As a student in the anatomy program you will:

  • Give presentations about their research and topics of interest
  • Develop a teaching module in an area you choose that you will share with fellow students and educators as a teaching tool
  • Present a topic of your choice in the advanced dissections course in lecture or as a tutorial that will be placed on the DMU course management site, D2L.


Our faculty are highly qualified, focused on teaching and learning and noted for their accessibility to students.


Research is active, diverse and a priority at DMU. It offers invaluable learning opportunities to students.

Comprehensive Approach

The anatomy curriculum immerses students in the science's four major disciplines.

Anatomy Lab

The gross anatomy lab at DMU is state-of-the-art. It includes flat-screen monitors and computers at each dissection station.


Students in the anatomy program complete a capstone course prior to graduation.

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