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How long will it take to earn the master of science in anatomy degree?

The master of science in anatomy program consists of 40.5 semester hours. The program can be completed in two years on a full-time basis. Part-time students can take up to five years to complete their degree.

May I apply to multiple programs at the same time?

Applicants may not have more than one active application to Des Moines University at a time. Applicants must pick a program of interest and complete the admission process in its entirety before applying to a different program.

Are classes available online?

No. Courses in both programs emphasize faculty-student interaction, teaching experience, hands-on learning and research, and sharing information via presentations and informally.

I'm interested in pursuing one of these master's degree programs with another program at Des Moines University. Is that an option?

The master of science in anatomy program offers a dual degree option for DO and DPM students. Contact the appropriate program director to explore this option.

Additional questions?

Please contact our office at 515-271-1499 or DMUAdmit@dmu.edu

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