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The master of science in anatomy curriculum is designed to immerse you in the discipline of anatomy while honing your teaching and presentation skills. Through your courses, teaching hours, individual journaling, laboratory work and research, you will develop a deep knowledge of anatomy – critically needed in the medical profession – and an exceptional ability to share that knowledge.

The master of science in anatomy is a 40.5 credit hour program of study. Students must successfully complete 37 credit hours of required coursework and three hours of elective coursework.

Read course descriptions here. In addition to coursework, students in the M.S. in anatomy degree program must complete the comprehensive examination in anatomy.

Core anatomy courses  Credit hours
Gross Anatomy 6.5
Cell and Tissue Biology 3
Neuroanatomy 2
Human Development 2
Core total 13.5
Other required courses  Credit hours
Biochemistry 4.5
Physiology 6.5
Advanced Dissections 2
Teaching in Anatomy 4
Fall Seminar 1
Spring Seminar 1
CE Preparation 2
Biostatistics and Research 3
Other required total 2
Electives (3 credit hours minimum) Credit hours
Problem-Based Anatomy 1
Cranial Nerves 1
Coronary Circulation 1
Tools for Teaching 1
Pathology 2.5
Cell Biology 3
Research 1-3
Literature Review 3
Basic Surgical Skills 1
Total 40.5