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The master of public health curriculum is based on a practical, problem-based approach. Expert full-time and part-time faculty from the health care community provides a blend of theory and experience.

How Long Will It Take?

You can complete your MPH degree in as little as two years by completing 9 credits each term or in three years by completing 7 credits each term. Learn more by downloading a sample program of study:

Two Year Sample Program of Study Three Year Sample Program of Study

Core Curriculum and Suggested Course Sequence

Students may take tier 1 and 2 classes concurrently and tier 2 and 3 classes concurrently, but they must be towards the end of a tier to take concurrent classes in the next tier.

Students must take all of tier 1 and 2 and the Community Research Methods course in order to start the Capstone.

Tier 1 Credits Spring TermSummer TermFall Term
MPH 620: Introduction to Graduate School and the MPH Program1OnlineOnlineOnline
MPH 621: Overview of the U.S. Health Care System3OnlineOnlineOnline
MPH 650: Basic Statistics & Research3OnlineCampus and OnlineCampus and Online
MPH 657: Survey of Human Health and Disease*3Campus and OnlineOnlineOnline
Tier 2CreditsSpring TermSummer TermFall Term
MPH 645: Health Services Program Evaluation3OnlineOnlineCampus and Online
MPH 652: Public Health Law, Ethics & Policy3OnlineOnlineCampus
MPH 654: Social & Behavioral Sciences3OnlineOnlineOnline
MPH 655: Epidemiology3OnlineOnlineCampus and Online
Tier 3CreditsSpring TermSummer TermFall Term
MPH 625: Health Care Financial Management I3OnlineOnlineOnline
MPH 651: Occupational & Environmental Health3OnlineOnlineOnline
MPH 653: Public Health Administration & Management 33OnlineOnlineOnline
MPH 671: Community Research Methods3OnlineOnlineOnline
Tier 4 CreditsSpring TermSummer TermFall Term
MPH 658: Public Health Internship3Independent StudyIndependent StudyIndependent Study
MPH 660: Public Health Capstone2Independent StudyIndependent StudyIndependent Study
Total semester hours of core:39
Total semester hours of electives:6
Total semester hours for M.P.H. degree:45

*Required for students who do not have clinical experience.  If students have clinical experience, they are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor regarding a replacement course.