How long does the program take?

DMU’s M.H.A. program offers flexible enrollment, allowing students to earn their degree in as little as two years. Its year-round calendar is based on three 12-week terms. Students earn 48 total credit hours in 20 courses – 45 academic course credit hours and a required three-credit-hour Field Based Learning or Long Term Care Internship. This required class is to be completed in-person, at an organization of the student’s choice, including any current places of employment.

Curriculum Overview and Outline  |  Course Descriptions

Interprofessional experiences

Online seminars and development

Students who enroll in the fully online course model participate in seminars that connect them with other members of the health care industry. Within these teams, students collaborate to address issues, solve problems and enhance real-world organizations with their work.

Optional on-campus experience

Students who choose to enroll in the traditional course model participate in three on-campus experiences held at DMU. These four-day events offer professional development that’s highly intensive and highly interactive. Sessions cover current issues in health care, from leadership and quality assessment to governance, conflict resolution, and strategy formulation and implementation.

In the final course, students apply knowledge gained from their graduate experience to the resolution of a “real” administrative problem or to take advantage of an opportunity.

Both of these applied practice experiences foster the integration and synthesis of program content through critical thinking; they also facilitate the student’s transition from education to professional practice.

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