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DMU Dual Degree Options

M.H.A. + Clinical Dual Degree

Students enrolled in DMU's clinical programs (D.O., D.P.M., D.P.T., O.T.D.) may be eligible for a medical dual degree option leading to a master of health care administration degree. This option enables students to combine their clinical knowledge and practice with expertise gained in the master’s degree program, helping their patients and enhancing their professional options and career. Course work for the health care administration master’s degree can be completed online. Interested students typically apply for a clinical dual degree during their first year of study in their primary degree program. The application process is very similar to a standard M.H.A. application.

M.H.A. + M.P.H.

Students enrolled in DMU’s M.H.A. program may be eligible for a dual degree combining M.H.A. and M.P.H. To apply for a dual degree, students must first complete nine semester hours in the M.H.A. program. The dual degree curriculum involves several overlapping course credits, bringing the total number of hours required to earn a dual degree to 78 semester hours.

Current DMU students may apply through the DMU Direct Application; all documents may be submitted through the direct application. Transcripts and test scores do not need to be submitted, as these documents will be obtained from the registrar’s office.

Current clinical students may be eligible to begin courses in the dual program during their second semester in the clinical program.

University Partnerships

DMU has established partnerships with various universities and colleges within the health sciences field, enabling students to concurrently earn credit toward their undergraduate and M.H.A. degrees.

Note students are required to submit separate applications and meet the individual admission criteria for each program. Learn more about M.H.A. partnership opportunities and how to apply.

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