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The Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program is a two-year program that offers diverse opportunities in the specialties biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, physiology, and pathology.  Students are required to complete a total of 47.0 credit hours (22.5 credit hours in the classroom and 24.5 credit hours of bench research and thesis).

Students select a laboratory in their first year while completing the majority of their course work. The second year focuses primarily on research and thesis. Throughout the program, students enjoy beneficial learning and working relationships with each other and with faculty dedicated to their success.

Required Core
BIOC 1112, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, 5.0 credit hours
MBS 1B02, Intro to Research, 1.0 credit hour
MBS 1B03, Responsible Conduct Biomedical Research, 1.0 credit hour
MBS 1B04A, Cell Biology I, 1.5 credit hours (or MBS 1B12A)
MBS 1B04B, Cell Biology II, 1.0 credit hours (or MBS 1B12B)
MBS 1B06 Intro to Biostatistics and Data Analysis, 2.0 credit hours
MBS 1B12A, Frontiers in Biomedical Research, 1.5 credit hours
MBS 1B12B, Frontiers in Biomedical Research, 1.0 credit hour
MBS 1B14, Research Compliance and Laboratory Safety, 1.5 credit hours
MBS 2B04, Presentation of Scientific Information, 1.0 credit hour
MBS 2B05, Scientific Communications, 1.0 credit hour
MBS 2B10, Research, 15.5 credit hours
MBS 2B12, Thesis, 9.0 credit hours
Emphasis Blocks
MICR 1103 Microbiology and Immunology, 6.0 credit hours*MBS 1B11, Special Topics in Microbiology and Immunology, 1.5 credit hours*
PHYS 1116, Medical Physiology, 6.5 credit hours*MBS 1B05, Special Topics in Physiology and Pharmacology, 1.0 *
PATH 1109, General Pathology, 2.5 credit hours*MBS 1B08, Major Organ Physiology, 3.5 credit hours*

Micro 1103A, Immunology, 1.5 credit hours*

 INST 2080, Special Topics, 1.0 – 6.0 credit hours

*7.5 hours of emphasis courses are required.

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Dual Degree Option

Students currently enrolled in the Doctor or Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) program or Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) program can also apply to the Biomedical Sciences program. Curriculum for dual degree students is designed to be completed within five years. The emphasis for dual degree students is on training clinician researchers to teach research methods and conduct methodologically rigorous and scientifically sound studies.