Des Moines University's master of science in biomedical sciences program fosters research that generates knowledge and new solutions to benefit the health of people around the world. The program matches individuals with a passion for science with investigators who understand their needs in a wide variety of settings, including academia, government, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Graduates enjoy careers as advanced technicians, laboratory managers, educators, scientists and other roles, well-equipped with the knowledge and hands-on experience good research require. Some program strengths include:

  • Curriculum:  The MSBS didactic curriculum provides a translational experience by combining clinical course work with small group discussions in basic science
  • Faculty: Our faculty are highly qualified, focused on teaching and learning and noted for their accessibility to students.
  • Mentoring: Opportunity for one-on-one mentoring from an established faculty member
  • Research: Students have many opportunities for research in the specialties biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, physiology, and anatomy.
  • Travel:  All students are provided financial support to present their research at a national conference
  • Publications: 2014-2015 peer reviewed publications were in journals such as the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Virology, Experimental Parasitology, Yeast, and Frontiers in Immunology
  • Financial support: There are multiple mechanisms of financial support including grant and program-provided graduate assistantships

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