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Des Moines University Scholarships

Academic Merit and Holistic Scholarships for Incoming Students

Each college’s admissions team annually identifies individuals from the entering class to receive these scholarships, which are funded by endowments in the respective college and Des Moines University. Scholarship recipients are chosen from finalists selected on a basis of their academic and holistic backgrounds. There is no application process as the admissions team determines recipients. Students with renewable scholarships must maintain the specific criteria in their scholarship letter. If a student fails to maintain eligibility at any point, they will no longer receive the scholarship for future years.

Glanton Fund

Established to recognize the contributions of the late Judge Luther T. Glanton and W. Stevenson Glanton to Des Moines University and the Des Moines community, the Glanton Fund assists students with professional and academic promise in attending the university. The Glanton Fund requires eligible recipients to demonstrate financial need, which is determined by a valid FAFSA on an annual basis.

Outside Scholarships

American Podiatric Medical Association

A variety of scholarships available to third- and fourth-year students. Awards are based on financial need, academic record and community service. Amounts vary. The CPMS Dean's Office will e-mail students when applications are available.

Podiatry Insurance Company of America Scholarships

Up to $2,500 to fourth-year students based on academic merit and professional promise. Contact the CPMS Dean's Office for more information.

State-Specific Scholarships and Forgivable Loans

Contact your state to see if applicable programs are available.

Arkansas Podiatric Grant Program

The Arkansas Health Education Grant Program, which is funded by the state of Arkansas, assists Arkansas residents attending certain out-of-state accredited health and medical professional schools for graduate or professional programs that are unavailable in Arkansas. Must be an Arkansas resident, and must return to practice in Arkansas one year for each ear of loan.

North Carolina Student Loan Program for Health, Sciences and Mathematics

The HSM Program provided forgivable loans to qualified North Carolina residents who are committed to working full-time in medicine, allied health, nursing, or as science and mathematics educators in North Carolina.

Must be a North Carolina resident. The loan obligation may be forgiven through approved employment within the state of North Carolina provided the recipient works in the field in which he/she was funded.

Podiatry Foundation of Pittsburgh

Awards for first, second, third and fourth year students who are from western Pennsylvania. Students from the western Pennsylvania area must submit a resume and one-page essay by November 1 of each year.

Loan Repayment Programs

Health Care Professional Recruitment Program

The Health Professional Recruitment Program provides up to $100,000 of student debt reduction in return for four years of practice in an Iowa shortage area or medically underserved community.

Indian Health Service Loan Repayment Program

Provided by the Indian Health Service. Contracts with health professionals to provide health care services at an Indian health program site. Student loan debt is reduced by up to $40,000 for each year of service.

Visit for more information.

Health Professions Scholarship Program Military Scholarship

Provided by the military services (Air Force only). Apply directly to the Air Force through a military recruiter. Each scholarship provides the costs of tuition, required fees, health insurance, required books and equipment and a monthly living allowance. After completion of your residency, you must repay one year of military service for each year of scholarship.

For more information, see military contact information.

Treatment of Late Awards

If a student received financial aid up to the budget and then receives a late award the entire package is recalculated. If possible second disbursements are lowered, if not the late award is sent to the lender to reduce the amount of loans.

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