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Scholarships and Other Programs that Support Diversity in Health Care

The most diverse medical schools in the country work to support minority students who are entering health care and help them prepare for success in an increasingly diverse society. At DMU, we work to increase diversity in health care through several scholarships and programs, such as:

  • The Glanton Fund:
    Established to recognize the contributions of the late Judge Luther T. Glanton and W. Stevenson Glanton to Des Moines University and the Des Moines community, the Glanton Fund assists students with professional and academic promise in attending the university. The Glanton Fund requires eligible recipients to demonstrate financial need, which is determined by a valid FAFSA on an annual basis.
  • The Joseph Dorgan Trust:
    This program provides scholarships for full-time, African American students who are pursuing a health sciences education through one of DMU’s clinical programs.
  • Robert Wood Johnson Scholarships:
    Funded by the American Medical Colleges, Robert Wood Johnson Scholarships are for students enrolled in DMU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. Eligible students include women, students from rural backgrounds and those from the U.S.’ Black, Indian, Mexican-American and mainland Puerto Rican populations. This scholarship was established as a solution for how to improve cultural competence in health care by improving access to physician services in rural and inner-city areas affected by poverty.

Scholarships from private sources

Please see For additional information regarding financial aid and student loans, please go to for additional details.

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