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Jami Haberl, Des Moines University Alumni Leadership
Jami S. Haberl, M.P.H.’03, M.H.A.’03

DMU Proud!

What does it mean to you? What is your relationship to your university? As you receive our mailings, these are all thoughts as alumni we have all asked ourselves from time to time. How can I get involved? Please allow me your brief time to provide my insights.

Why be DMU proud? The first reason I would give is that, regardless of your experiences when you when were a student at this University, your University continues to produce a large number of exceptional professionals such as yourselves, fully ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of post-graduate training and practice.

How do I know this? Look at the high percent of students passing their professional boards and matching with some of the most prestigious residencies in the country. Look at the wide range of experiences our students are receiving locally, regionally and globally. Look at your peers and take some pride that the overwhelming majority of DMU graduates have respected positions as leaders in their communities, regardless of specialty or area of study. Look at the number of graduates taking training in primary care, addressing the most pressing needs of our society.

Finally, but of equal importance, note the diverse backgrounds our students come from. By providing equal opportunities for success in our society, as well as the direct benefit of more effectively relating to the experiences of our patients, training a diverse alumni base will produce increased understanding among and between the medical providers of the future.

It is only with your help that we can sustain this track record of professional accomplishment. How can you help? The first thing I would suggest is that every member of our alumni community devote some private thought to appreciating the opportunities this University has afforded you. From that appreciation, all graduates should feel some obligation to help support a school that provided them with the same.

The greatest support you can give is of your time. Consider becoming a mentor. Consider offering your experiences for students to learn from. Sign up on DMU Connect. And, yes, we all should contribute financially if we are in a position to do so.

Finally, provide your University your thoughts on any improvements you feel would help the students, your fellow alumni or the society we serve.  Your University would love to hear from you.

It is only through continued engagement with your school that DMU can continue to serve as a leader in medical education. Please join us in that service, and thank you for doing so.

Most respectfully,
Sanford Zelnick, D.O.’80, M.S.
President, DMU Alumni Association

Meet the alumni leadership

Meet the Alumni Board

Des Moines University has created a new alumni association structure designed to sustain the good works of our alumni volunteers, give all graduates an even greater voice and create opportunities for more alumni to get involved with their DMU college and the University. Download the bylaws for additional details.

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