Oh, the places you'll go

The main buildings on the DMU campus are designed and placed to take advantage of the site’s topography and history. More than 10,000 years ago, the Wisconsin Glacier moved south across North America, shaping the land as it moved. It came to rest at the center of the site of DMU’s new campus, creating a defining hill above the flat expanse of land. This “edge of advancement” inspired DMU to think differently – about ways to enhance curricula, explore new teaching methods and expand research and clinical services.

The University has seized this rare chance to be innovative, to grow and to forge new partnerships that will benefit students, faculty, staff and the community. You will feel this positive energy in the buildings on campus.

The Edge of Advancement Building

The Edge of Advancement Building embodies Des Moines University’s vision for educating highly competent, compassionate health care professionals. This “front door to campus” will hum with activity in adaptable learning studios and collaborative spaces for classes, small groups and community events. Open learning commons on the first and second floors are designed to support academic study, foster discussions and connect faculty and students across programs. A variety of accessible campus support functions will be conveniently located nearby.

The third, fourth and fifth floors will feature multiple interprofessional office suites with easy access to the floors below. Two exceptionally appointed pathways at the second and fourth floors will offer beautiful views of campus and directly connect the Edge of Advancement Building with the Innovation Building.

The Innovation Building

Innovation is embedded in Des Moines University’s DNA, and the Innovation Building reflects this throughout its diverse, immersive and technology-rich spaces.

The building’s hybrid learning labs will support diverse curricula, while the simulation center will enable students to learn and practice a variety of skills in environments that depict real-life settings and scenarios. The top floor’s mix of state-of-the-art wet and dry academic and research labs will spark discoveries, enrich learning and engage students and faculty across disciplines.

Students, employees and guests will gather to dine, recharge and collaborate in the main food service area housed on the first floor, with direct access to the outdoor quadrangle. Lockers, changing rooms, wellbeing rooms, a coffee bar, the campus bookstore and other amenities will create a one-stop shop for students.

The Health and Wellbeing Building

The Health & Wellbeing Building stands as a symbol of Des Moines University as a champion of holistic health. It will provide students and employees with on-site access to a fully appointed fitness center, medical clinic and student counseling services. The building will house a full-size gymnasium, an elevated running track, group exercise spaces and a pool. Easy access to diverse individual and group fitness activities and equipment reflects the University’s commitment to a key tenet of excellent health care – the health and wellbeing of the people who provide it.

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