Great Design Creates Meaningful Experiences

New buildings and nice landscaping are wonderful, but the expertise and intentional design that went into them are what make DMU’s campus truly spectacular in its uses, aesthetics and other advantages.

Examples of Intentional Design at DMU’s New Campus

  • Thoughtfully planned pathways, wayfinding tools and building sightlines allow students, employees and visitors to navigate the campus.
  • Strong relationships between building architecture and the land create a strong sense of place and connections to learning.
  • Flexible spaces and widely available indoor and outdoor seating foster collaboration and interprofessional interactions.
  • Simulation areas and technologies replicate real-world health care settings, providing a powerful yet safe space to practice patient care.
  • Outdoor amenities include more than a mile of connected outdoor trails, a pond circled by a trail, a Council Ring, areas for recreation and play and attractive landscaping.
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