What's even better than a degree from Des Moines University? Two DMU Degrees!

Des Moines University Dual Degree Opportunities

Des Moines University offers outstanding master’s degree programs that equip students for success in a variety of fields.

These programs offer another advantage to students enrolled in the University’s D.O., D.P.M. and D.P.T. clinical programs: They may be eligible to pursue a master’s degree in addition to their clinical degree. This dual-degree option enables you to build upon your clinical knowledge and practice with the expertise you will gain in your master’s degree program. You will be more richly prepared to serve your patients as you expand your career opportunities.

Expand your knowledge and professional opportunities

All of DMU’s master’s degree programs allow students to interact and work with faculty beyond their clinical degree program, further enhancing their knowledge and professional networks. The master’s degrees can give you an advantage on applications for postgraduate training programs as well as employment.

Most of all, DMU’s dual degree option will maximize your abilities and opportunities to become a leader in health care as a provider, expert, policymaker and other roles.

Advantages of earning a master’s degree in addition to your clinical degree:

DMU also offers a Dual M.P.H./M.H.A. Degree option. Students complete at least nine credit hours in their primary degree program and then apply for the other degree program through the admissions office. This option involves several overlapping course credits, bringing the total number of required credit hours to 78 for the dual degree.


Please contact the Admissions Office with questions by emailing dmuadmit@dmu.edu or call 515-271-1499.

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