Hands-on preparation for improving patients’ lives

The DPT curriculum consists of 34 months of study divided into eight terms. The curriculum is designed to foster students’ professional and personal development through integrated and sequential learning experiences that provide the knowledge and skills needed for the practice of physical therapy.

You can expect an average of 20 to 22 hours of lecture per week. That allows students time also to study, complete small-group work, practice manual therapy techniques and collaborate with faculty.

A hallmark of the DMU DPT program is that in addition to classroom time, you’ll get into the clinic early on in the program, so you can develop competencies and communication skills. Four clinical internships totaling 36 weeks, scheduled at approximately 370 sites across the country, are spaced throughout the curriculum, which allows you to apply, practice and perfect what you’re learning. The DPT program has a long history of outstanding relationships with clinical educators, and DMU students are consistently commended by these educators for their knowledge and manual therapy skills.

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