Students enrolled in DMU’s Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine or Doctor of Podiatric Medicine programs may pursue a dual degree in the Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program leading to a D.O./Ph.D. or DPM/Ph.D. degrees.

The dual D.O./Ph.D. or DPM/Ph.D. program is an outstanding option that is specifically designed to train and educate future physicians/scientists. Graduates will be able to combine biomedical research skills honed in the Ph.D. program with clinical knowledge and experience gained from the D.O. or DPM program in numerous rewarding career options that involve medical practice and scientific discovery.

How to apply for a dual degree

  • The dual D.O./Ph.D. or DPM/Ph.D. degree program follows a 2-3-2 distribution; students will follow the D.O. or DPM curriculum in the first two years, then the Ph.D. curriculum in the next three years, and return to the D.O. or DPM curriculum in the final two years. As such, students will fulfill their financial obligation to the D.O. or DPM component during the first and last two years of the dual program, while receiving a stipend and tuition waiving during the 3 years of their Ph.D. studies.
  • Interested students apply for enrollment in the Ph.D. program during the fall term in the second year of their clinical program.
  • If accepted, students will begin the Ph.D. degree component in the summer of following their second year.
  • Dual enrollees will have completed 16 credit hours of the Ph.D. curriculum that are shared with the D.O. or DPM curriculum before starting the Ph.D. component.
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