Can I email or fax my resume or other documents?

Candidates need to submit resume(s) and other documents through our automated online applicant tracking system.

How do I attach my resume or other documents?

Following the directions outlined in our automated online applicant tracking system allows you to upload your resume OR copy/paste OR type in your information. You must select one option only. Under Resume and Comments there are two boxes and you may use one or both for your resume, CVs, cover letters and/or other documents.

If you have multiple documents you'd like to submit (reference letters, research or publication lists and/or teaching statements, etc.,) simply continue "adding" your documents until you are done. To avoid potential technical problems with our system, please keep your resume style simple (use industry standard fonts, text and/or formatting) and avoid extensive use of email links.

How will I know HR received my documents?

Upon successful completion of resume submission our automated system will send you a response outlining our employment process. Once you receive that email acknowledgement you know Des Moines University has received your resume for consideration.

How can I be notified of new positions that may be of interest?

Create a Candidate Profile by clicking on Candidate Login and then Create an Account.  Once your basic personal information is entered, you will then be able to create a Job Search Agent by clicking Edit Job Agent.  Enter either Keywords or check the Category boxes to be notified of future vacancies at Des Moines University.

Can I drop off my resume or come in and complete an application for future openings?

Our established employment practice is we only accept resumes, CVs, etc., for open posted positions and candidates should submit their resumes via our electronic automated system.

Do I need to call HR occasionally and check on my status?

That isn't necessary. Our electronic automated system tracks candidates' status and also is used to communicate with candidates throughout the employment and interview process. This same system will send appropriate emails to candidates notifying them of their status, arranging for interviews, etc.

Will I be told if there is no interest in my qualifications or if a position is filled?

Absolutely. Our electronic automated system will send the appropriate email letter out to all candidates notifying them if a position is filled or if there is no further interest.

What should I do if I would like to request a reasonable accommodation as part of the employment process?

The University is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities.  If you need a reasonable accommodation because of a disability for any part of the employment process, please send an email to or call 515-271-1484 and let us know the nature of your request and your contact information.

After I enter in my resume in the resume text box, I see some "odd" characters (letters or numbers) or some strange code appearing. Is this normal?

Yes. Occasionally HTML code or other characters may be displayed in the resume text box. These characters are not visible to the recruiter once you submit your resume so your resume will look just fine.

Still have a question?

You may contact Human Resources at 515-271-1484 (general) or 515-271-1455 (employment administrator).

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