We take care of our own

Des Moines University is proud to be a place where people come together to create opportunities.

As a medical and health sciences university, our commitment to employee health and wellbeing involves a holistic approach to total wellness. Employees enjoy an inclusive and diverse campus environment that allows them to develop personal and professional relationships with their peers. Our wellness programs and professional development opportunities, generous insurance, paid leave and retirement plans ensure that employees know they are a valued and integral part of DMU's success.

Full-Time Employee benefits

Employee benefits may change depending on employment status.


Retirement Match


Tuition Assistance


Professional Development Stipend


Premium Coverage

Insurance Packages

No matter your role, we've got you covered. Our insurance benefits ensure you and your family are protected in an emergency.

Paid leave

DMU employees receive generous paid leave packages including paid holidays, family leave, and accruing vacation and sick time.

Employee perks

We want our employees to enjoy working in the DMU community. From flexible work arrangements to tuition assistance, the perks of working here are abundant.

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