Collecting Structured Information from Students using D2L Form Templates

This post is part of the Online Faculty Best Practices Series.

Best practice champion: Dr. Carla Stebbins in the MHA Program

Form Templates allow the instructors to collect information from students in a structured form. This information may include integrity statements, approval or consent forms, capstone or internship project, and even portfolio assignments. Dr. Stebbins successfully used the Form Templates to colect the ePortfolio submission from the MHA Legacy students. Unlike Surveys, form templates do not allow the instructor to collect aggregated data. However, it can be used to collect individual data. The advantage of the D2L form templates is that it allows students to attach additional materials such as pdfs, MS Word documents, video and audio files in addition to textual materials. In addition, you can create system fields where system can fill them on behalf of the students such as first and last name. It is easy to create and once the students complete the form, the form responses are automatically saved in students’ D2L ePortfolio accounts. All the students need to do it to submit their form responses from their ePortfolio accounts into a designated dropbox assignment.

To learn more about Form Templates, please watch the D2L Form Template tutorial video.

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