Three DMU researchers awarded an Iowa Science Foundation grant

Three Des Moines University researchers have received a $5,000 grant from the Iowa Science Foundation, the foundation arm of the Iowa Academy of Science. Marie Nguyen, Ph.D., Martin Schmidt, Ph.D., and Muhammad Spocter, Ph.D. all submitted proposals and were fully funded this summer for their projects.  

Dr. Nguyen is an assistant professor in the Microbiology and Immunology department. Her research focuses on the herpes simplex virus.  She has been with the University since 2007.

Dr. Schmidt has been at DMU since 2003. He currently serves as an associate professor in the Biochemistry and Nutrition department with a focus on examining the effects of a common broad-spectrum poison, boric acid, on the metabolism and cell biology of yeasts.

Dr. Spocter, an assistant professor in the Anatomy department who started at the University in 2011, focuses his research on investigating the neuroanatomical features underlying the behavioral repertoire of large brained, social animals.

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