What are my options?

Des Moines University, now located at 8025 Grand Avenue in West Des Moines, has many nearby housing options. In addition to housing in West Des Moines, there are also options throughout Greater Des Moines. Surrounding communities Des Moines, Clive, Johnston, Grimes, Urbandale, Waukee or Windsor Heights, which are all within a 20-mile commute. Please note, DMU does not endorse any apartment complex.

Need a Roommate?

About 50 percent of DMU students find roommates via the Classifieds on DMU Pulse or their class Facebook group.

Need a Place?

Most DMU students live near campus in rental apartments, duplexes or even single-family homes. West Des Moines offers a mix of housing types, so whether you are planning to live alone, with a roommate or have a family, you should be able to find a place nearby — all with easy access to basic needs like grocery stores, banks and pharmacies. Find your place through some of these tools:

How Much Are Utilities?

Get an estimate using www.inmyarea.com.

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