Evans, Sarah-39456

Sarah Evans, M.P.H.'12

Hometown: Colfax, IA
Undergrad School: Iowa Methodist School of Nursing and Grandview College
Major: Nursing
Age: 43
Class: Master of Public Health – Class of 2012

Were you surprised by anything in the program?

I was pleasantly surprised that my life experiences helped me to do well in class. I was able to write papers for assignments using my life and work experiences. It was great. My husband encouraged me to go back to get my degree and said I could do it. I must admit after being out of school for 11 years I was nervous but it has been a wonderful growing experience. This is not to say I don’t have to work hard, because I have put a lot of time and effort into this program. I have seen myself grow as a person and a professional.

Any advice for prospective students?

To anyone considering the M.P.H. program, I say to you, the world needs caring, compassionate, well educated individuals to promote equitable global public health. If you are considering a career in public health, DMU is the best place to be. DMU produces high-quality public health leaders as result of a world-class curriculum that is contemporary and includes opportunities to travel aboard to help provide health care services in needy places such as Mali, West Africa. Good luck and I wish you the best in your public health journey.

Do you take courses online or on-campus, which do you prefer?

I have taken all my core classes online except for statistics. I enjoy the online programs because they allow me to have my busy life with two jobs, four girls, community services and school. I love being able to do my school work at 11:30 at night if that is the only time I have available. I also liked the ability to take a class at the school. I was nervous about taking Statistics so instead of taking it online I attended the class on campus. The instructor was great. He made the class understandable and not as “scary” as I had imagined.

Why DMU?

When deciding where to complete my post-graduate degree, Des Moines University was an easy choice for me. It is close to home and the school has a great reputation. I was excited to become a student at DMU.

Career objectives:

I worked on a Navajo Reservation as a public health nurse from 1998-2000. I would love to get back to the basics of public health. I currently work for a large health insurance company in Des Moines and I believe that my M.P.H. degree will bring a skill set needed to help bring about the changes that are occurring in health care now and those that will occur in the future.

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