Perkins, Cherry-39629

Cherry Perkins, D.P.T.'16

Student, Cherry Perkins


Naperville, IL

Why the PPDPT program

I chose to enroll in a PPDPT program to improve and update my knowledge of patients’ care with an evidence-based approach. The doctoral degree would enable me to practice the model of direct access.


DMU provides the modules including manual therapy that I am very interested in.

Career objectives

To provide the best patient care in an adult outpatient setting; to complete the PPDPT program in 2013; to be a CAPP-certified physical therapist in women’s health.

Experiences in the program so far

My professors and classmates are very helpful. My critical thinking has been improved. We all learn together as a team. Also, the registration is very user-friendly and the program is very well organized. I highly recommend the program to others because it is an online program providing great flexibility according to the schedule of individual students. The tuition is very competitive compared with other PPDPT programs.

Advice for prospective students

With a full-time job, I prefer taking one class at a time so that I can concentrate on the class materials and not be too stressed out or overwhelmed. Time management is crucial for online classes.

Favorite extracurricular activities

I enjoy spending time with my husband, hiking, yoga, gardening, playing piano and guitar.

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