Des Moines University provides educational opportunities to students in the health care professions. As a necessary component for entry into the health care professions, students recognize that they must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. The code formally recognizes the ability of students to take responsibility for their professional behavior. Students are, therefore, expected to familiarize themselves with and abide by provisions of the code of ethics established by the professional organization relevant to each of us. In addition to the code of ethics established by the various professions, the expectation is that we will comply at all times with the Student code of conduct set forth in the student handbook established by the University and act in a fashion designed to meet the expectations of the profession, faculty, administration, general public and the student community. Consistent with such expectations of a health care professional, the following student code of conduct has been established for DMU students.

Student Code of Conduct

As a student at Des Moines University, I understand that integrity is essential to my success as a future health care professional.  I pledge my commitment to the values of Honesty, Accountability, Collaboration and Inclusiveness as the basic tenets of integrity.  With these values I look forward to developing the ethical principles that will guide my academic life and future professional practice.

Honesty - I pledge to observe personal and intellectual honesty in all academic endeavors, including learning, teaching, research, patient care and service.  I understand that honesty is the foundation of integrity and, furthermore, I understand that I must confront and report instances of suspected misconduct in order to preserve the institution’s standards of ethical behavior. 

Accountability – I pledge to demonstrate personal accountability by accepting responsibility for my actions and abiding by all policies and procedures in handbooks, syllabi and other official documents of the University.  I will conduct myself in a professional manner in my appearance, demeanor and language at all times.  

Collaboration – I pledge to support a climate of respectful collaboration within our health sciences university and health care communities.  To reach my potential as an interprofessional team member, I will strive to trust, challenge, engage and grow.  

Inclusiveness– I pledge to support a culture of inclusiveness, respect and understanding of all members of the academic and health care communities.  I will not discriminate, nor will I tolerate discrimination, on any basis but rather, I will strive to promote understanding and acceptance. 

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