Keeping the wheels turning

“My wife, Julie, gave me a bicycle on my 50th birthday. I wasn’t as appreciative as I probably should have been. Now, seven years later, I own three bicycles….I’ve set a goal of riding 25,000 miles total by my 60th birthday.”

Really getting away from it all

“I started pretty young competing with a bullwhip… In one competition, we had to hit a bandana out of a cardboard-cutout man’s back pocket and a cigar out of his mouth. I won that competition.”

“Let go and let God”

“As a practicing surgeon, I thought I was God, and everyone affirms it. I found out that I’m a normal human – one day I was a physician, the next day I might not have a job. That was good life training.”

Shedding our work costumes

“We all show up at the river in our rowing clothes and caps. Then later you find out you were rowing with a judge or a surgeon. It’s a great equalizer.”

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