Disciplined lifestyle offers an energized escape

Competitions of the National Physique Committee are the biggest and most prestigious in the world. You start with home shows and then go regional. I was always in the top three in 2011. I moved to national competitions in the master’s level, age 35 and up.

There are seven national shows a year where you can achieve professional status, what everyone wants. Of those shows, only three have the master’s level. I won my second show, which was huge for me because I was competing against women who’d done it for years.

I’m 43. Herein lies the challenge: There is no master’s level in the professional shows, so I’ll have to compete against 20- and 30-year-olds. But I do it to inspire and encourage women of all ages. I love a disciplined lifestyle and competing. If you follow a plan, you can do it.

Diet is 85 percent of it. I eat seven meals a day. My workouts involve a lot of muscle confusion, super sets in which I work out fast with no breaks in between. I work out two to three hours a day, six days a week. It keeps me balanced. When I’m stressed out and then work out, I feel like a whole new woman.

Michon Leddy, PA-C’97, earned her pro card status in the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness at the National Physique Committee Master Nationals in July. She trains with Team Bombshell, one of the top-winning fitness and bikini training teams in the world. Leddy is on the staff of Heartland Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, P.C., in Urbandale, IA.

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