Amber Kinner, D.O.’08

Amber Kinner, D.O.’08, joined Johnson County Healthcare Center in Buffalo, WY, in January 2021. She serves as the center’s primary hospitalist during weekdays’ daytime hours and as the dedicated physician for Amie Holt Care Center. She had been a hospitalist …

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Joseph Yankey, D.O.’08

Joseph Yankey, D.O.’08, is medical director at Vitality Healthcare, a West Des Moines, IA, practice that provides regenerative medicine, plasma therapy and joint fluid therapy. He completed his family practice residency at Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines and has …

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Leigh Farrell Bauer, D.O.’08

Leigh Farrell Bauer, D.O.’08, joined Holy Family Birth Center in Fort Wayne, IN. She and her husband, Jordan, have four children: Seamus, Virginia, Danika and Theo.

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