Jessica Kaan, D.O.’08

Jessica Kaan, D.O.’08, became the medical director of End of Life Washington (Mercer Island, WA), an organization that provides information and guidance regarding end-of-life issues, options, tools and identification of physicians and pharmacists supportive of the state’s Death with Dignity …

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Laurie Tope, D.O.’08

Laurie Tope, D.O.’08, a family medicine physician at the Mayo Clinic Health System’s Winneshiek Medical Center in Decorah, IA, has extended her practice to include skin specialty services.

Amber Kinner, D.O.’08

Amber Kinner, D.O.’08, joined Johnson County Healthcare Center in Buffalo, WY, in January 2021. She serves as the center’s primary hospitalist during weekdays’ daytime hours and as the dedicated physician for Amie Holt Care Center. She had been a hospitalist …

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