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In the heart of Harlem

Starting a medical school anywhere is daunting enough. But when Martin Diamond, D.O.’62, was invited to help with such an effort in Manhattan, he agreed only if the school would be located in a neighborhood with few doctors, high needs and a rich history.

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Alum participates in global health

Craig Thompson, D.O. ’78, a family physician in Strawberry Point and Manchester, Iowa, traveled with DMU’s Global Health Department to El Salvador in March 2009. Job description: Small town family physician, involved in hospital care, EMS, OB, sports medicine, geriatrics

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Coming together on health care

If America’s health care system were a patient, its doctor might declare “code blue.” Our health status is vulnerable at best: The United States spends more per capita on health care than other industrialized nations yet performs poorly–37th in the most recent World Health Organization ranking–in many key outcomes, such as obesity and infant mortality.

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Engaging youth in medicine

New summer program for high school students interested in science and medicine For most high schoolers, highlights of the summer include sleeping in, hanging out with friends and going on vacation. For Lynnville-Sully High School senior Katelyn Van Wyk, a

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