Staying Fit While Staying at Home

During this uncertain, scary, and stressful time it is important to stay physically active and stick to a healthy routine.

The Government currently recommends that adults get 2.5-5 hours of moderate physical activity per week, including cardio. With gyms closed for over a month now, my workout routine has drastically changed. One of the biggest challenges for me is feeling motivated to work out at home. Finding a way to work out and feel like I am making progress at home has been difficult, so I have been accessing different free online options and utilizing the outdoors to stay active this past month.

Free Online Home Workouts

Some free online options I have found to access workouts are gyms and different companies offering limited free trials. The ability to follow along with any of these online workouts ensures keeping social distance, while also not doing the workout alone. This format of workouts helps with the feeling of isolation. These programs are helping people stay active and fit while also staying connected to others. When I go to the gym, I like to work out alone but am comforted by others working out around me, as it keeps me motivated and focused. You may consider reaching out to your own local gym or wellness center including yoga studios. DMU, also has great online options through their wellness center as well. The opportunities listed below offer some of that same sense of motivation and comfort that going to an actual gym gives me. Below are some of the free online options I found, but I know there are many more options out there.


Some gyms are offering online workouts that are accessible and easy to do at home. Planet Fitness is offering “Daily Home Workin-Ins” from their trainers for everyone to experience. The workouts are live streamed through Facebook Live and then saved on their YouTube channel. These workouts are only 20 minutes and no equipment is needed. Anytime Fitness is offering a very similar plan that is free to all people. Another gym offering free services is Gold’s Gym, through their app you can access at-home workouts. Orangetheory is also posting daily free YouTube videos on their website, which are 30-50 minutes long, and don’t require any special equipment. They focus on full body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts that are easy to do at home. A local yoga studio, named Powerlife, is also offering free online YouTube workouts that are easy to do at home and last anywhere from 10minutes to about an hour.


There are multiple well-known fitness companies offering free trials during this time to allow people to take part in their classes and get fit right in their own living room. Beachbody is offering 14 days free to their workouts for individuals to stream. These workouts include resistance exercises, cardio and yoga.  Peloton is also offering their version of a free trial that is lasting 90 days. Even though they are known as a bike company, Peloton is offering yoga, running, cycling and strength classes through their app.

Outdoor Work

While there is a slew of online physical fitness options, going for a walk and running outside while keeping my social distance has also been a great way for me to stay in shape and keep a good attitude. Over the last couple of weeks, I have observed more people than ever out for walks on sidewalks and on park trails around the community. I personally, enjoy using the trail system around Des Moines to run and walk, and there are often other people, biking and staying active. Another great idea I have seen on Facebook are neighborhoods following classes and being active together from their yards. If you are good at planning workouts or know someone who is, this would be a great way to be active outside and do group exercises. Being outside and being active is a great way to feel surrounded by people for motivation while getting physical activity.

Need help developing an at-home workout routine, recover from an injury, or want to learn more? Our exceptional physical therapists at the Des Moines University Clinic can help. We are currently offering virtual appointments for patients, and are sharing our special classes and programs on our Facebook page. Visit the DMU Clinic website or call 515-271-1717 to learn more.

Disclaimer: This content is created for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Samantha Janssen, DPT 2021

Samantha Janssen is a current second year DPT student at Des Moines University. Sam is originally from Minnesota and moved here for school. When she is not studying she enjoys spending time outside, chatting with friends and being active.

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