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Tricia and Madison Parks

Tricia Parks is seeing the pride in her Des Moines University education come full circle. She credits the high-quality education she received for preparing her to be successful in all areas of physical therapy practice. Tricia has practiced in a variety of settings in Arizona, including outpatient, neonatal intensive care, in the school system and in-home health. She was recently recognized with an Outstanding Patient Care Achievement Award for her work with Acacia Home Health in Yuma, AZ. 

During her final term at DMU, Tricia was expecting a daughter named Madison. Tricia jokes that her daughter was listening to physical therapy lectures even before she was born. Perhaps that was the initial inspiration for Madison Parks, D.P.T.’22, to pursue a career in physical therapy. Madison followed in her mother’s footsteps, graduating from Northern Arizona University in 2019 and being accepted into the DMU physical therapy program. Her interview day in fall 2018 and White Coat Ceremony in fall 2019 provided opportunities for Tricia to return to campus and reconnect. 

Their shared DMU connection makes Tricia and Madison members of the University’s “Grand Community,” those families with multiple members who hold degrees from the University.

Tricia shared a sweet message with Madison when she arrived home for winter break, expressing what a joy it is to be able to talk about physical therapy with and learn from her daughter. “I love…watching you learn and grow and outsmart me,” she stated. Tricia is “DMU Proud” that her daughter chose to attend a program known for preparing students to provide exceptional and holistic patient care, exemplify professionalism, develop effective therapeutic relationships and positively impact the well-being of their patients, clients and society. 

The University is very proud of our Grand Community – our multi-generational families with DMU degree-holders. Are you a member of a DMU multi-generational family? Let us know! Send the names and class years of your family’s DMU graduates to the alumni relations office at

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