Announcing DMU Research Symposium winners

Their topics explored such diverse topics as the brain of the Siberian tiger, medical student coping, the energy cost of walking while thinking and the effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment on pulmonary function in adults with asthma, but these researchers have one thing in common: They won awards at the 10th annual DMU Research Symposium on Dec. 5.

Congratulations to the award recipients in the following categories!

Drake University student Merna Mohamed

Undergraduate overall: Merna Mohamed, Drake University, “Sex estimation from the greater sciatic notch shape of subadult human pelvis”; mentor, Heather Garvin, Ph.D., associate professor of anatomy

Anatomy/paleontology: Ken Oba, D.O.’20, “The brain of the Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica): 3D reconstructions and preliminary volumetric and sulcal data”; mentor, Muhammad Spocter, Ph.D., associate professor of anatomy

Biomedical science: Christina Bloomfield, M.S.B.S.’22, “Novel regulatory inputs for the cardiac beta-1 adrenergic receptor”; mentor, Kim Tran, M.D., Ph.D., professor of physiology and pharmacology

Clinical: Samantha Tyler, D.O.’20, “The immediate, intermediate and long-term effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment on pulmonary function in adults with asthma”; mentor, Katherine Heineman, D.O.’09, chair, osteopathic manual medicine department

Education: Matthew Rusling, D.O.’21, “Medical student coping and performance”; mentor, Jerritt Tucker, Ph.D.

Movement science (tie):

  • Jasmine Strozier, D.P.M.’22, “The effects of load on different foot angles that contribute to fractures along the 5th metatarsal base”; mentor, Robert Yoho, D.P.M., M.S., FACFAS, dean of the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
  • Britney Williams, D.P.T.’20, “Age-related differences in the energy cost of walking while thinking”; mentor, Kristin Lowry, P.T., Ph.D., associate professor of physical therapy
DMU physical therapy students Britney Williams and Taylor Woods were among the authors of a winning poster.

Public health: Neely Atamaniuk, DO’22 and Alexander Johnson, DO’22, “Perceptions of breast development and breastfeeding among women living with polycystic ovary syndrome”; mentor, Elizabeth Baker, Ph.D., M.P.H., C.P.H., assistant professor public health

Oral presentation (tie):

  • Christopher Karch, Pharm.D.’22, Drake University, “Renoprotective effects of metformin in a mouse model of accelerated diabetic nephropathy”; mentor, Shankar Munusamy, Ph.D.
  • Richard Kline, D.O.’22, “Shoulder muscle synergies during arm elevation between the frontal and sagittal planes”; mentor, Vassilios Vardaxis, Ph.D., professor of physical therapy

Osteopathic medical student Richard Kline, center, with David Stapleton, research assistant in DMU’s Human Performance Lab, and Dr. Vassilios Vardaxis

People’s Choice Poster Award: Martin Schmidt, Ph.D., professor of biochemistry and nutrition, “Effects of back-to-back testing on student well-being and exam performance – preliminary data”

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