Empowering Malaysia to save lives with CPR


Karl “Fritz” Disque, D.O.’07, R.Ph., and colleagues of his family’s Disque Foundation recently coordinated with St. John’s Ambulance to help train medical residents and nursing students at the University of Science of Malaysia on cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques. Disque is the foundation’s executive director and co-founder/chief medical officer of National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS), an online medical education company that strives to serve health care professionals in underserved parts of the world.

His goal for his presentations in Malaysia was to train the students on how they can be educators for their community as well as how to do the techniques. Several participants captured his demonstrations on their iPads.

“Special emphasis was placed upon the increasing prevalence of online medical education as being the convenient, cost-effective means of learning the most current guidelines for CPR as well as many other forms of education,” Disque says. “We are living in a time where information has never been so accessible. During this decade it is estimated that the number of people with Internet access will have tripled. That is a truly amazing feat, and I am truly grateful to be part of an organization that strives to supply excellent online content to save lives for everyone to be able to learn.”

For more information on Disque’s work, visit NHCPS.com or DisqueFoundation.org.

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