Provider Profile: Meet Dr. Shannon Crout

Shannon Crout, D.O.

Shannon Crout, D.O.

Clinician/Assistant Professor

Osteopathic Manual Medicine Clinic

Undergraduate School:
Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Medical School:
Des Moines University, Des Moines, Iowa

Mercy Health Partners, Muskegon, Michigan

Mercy Health Partners, Muskegon, Michigan

What Attracted Me to Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM):
It’s a simple, common sense concept that can quickly and easily make a difference in someone’s life without using extra resources.

Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (NMM/OMM)

Conditions I Treat:
It’s more accurate to say that I treat the individual. Osteopathy’s principles and OMM can be applied to any person’s situation. Sometimes it is the primary modality for healing, other times it is one among a few. With that in mind, this is NOT an exhaustive list:

  • Trauma (MVA, sports injuries, falls)
  • Post-surgical issues
  • Headaches
  • Gut or lung problems
  • Neurologic disorders
  • Ocular disorders
  • Babies born via C-section, vacuum, forceps, induction or long labor
  • Peri or postnatal women
  • Kids with acute or chronic illness
  • Reproductive concerns
  • Musculoskeletal pain/problems

How OMM Can Benefit Patients:
Loaded question! Simply put, it helps the body to function better down to the cellular level, with changes that can (generally) be noticed by the patient.

How I Spend My Free Time:
I like to spend time with family and friends, play outdoors, experience new cultures and read.

Fun Fact:
I LOVE Latin dancing (salsa, merengue, bachata)!

Health Advice to Live By:
Drink half your body weight in ounces a day. BE ACTIVE! My 88-year-old grandma went to Alaska last summer and still works out at the gym three times a week.

Disclaimer: This content is created for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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