Alumni spotlight: Kelly L. Check, D.P.M.’99

Kelly L. Check, D.P.M.'99
Kelly L. Check, D.P.M.’99

Background information

I am originally from southern Indiana. I work at Story Medical Center in Nevada, IA, and have been there for 10 years.

Biggest challenge

Although residency was demanding with the hours required, I have found a greater challenge by far in working now that I have three small children. My husband works in both family practice and emergency medicine, so his hours are quite demanding. My challenge is maintaining a good balance between my practice and my family.

Advice to those just starting out in profession

For anyone starting out I would recommend keeping an open mind about what kind of practice you will have. It may not look exactly how you pictured it right away! Be flexible and most importantly always remember why you chose this practice and draw on that when you feel discouraged.


I do not have a true specialization, but I do very much enjoy wound care and prevention. I am in the process of adding additional certifications in this regard and hope to focus on this kind of practice in the future.


My hobbies, aside from being a chauffeur to three kids, include fitness, reading and cooking.

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