Welcome Health P.A.S.S.ers


The Health Professions Advanced Summer Scholars, or Health P.A.S.S. program, was developed in 2009 to increase awareness of DMU programs among prospective students from backgrounds which are underrepresented in health care – underrepresented minority, economically disadvantaged, or educationally disadvantaged students.

Over 75 applications were received for the 2012 program, and we are pleased to welcome 10 select students to DMU Health PASS beginning today. These students will spend three weeks on campus becoming fully immersed in DMU programs and culture. We are fortunate to have participation from numerous staff, faculty and students in providing these students with a hands-on educational experience. They will participate in lectures, clinic shadowing, student panels, and present a final project centered on the topic of Diabetes.

Look for more information on how to apply for next year’s Health P.A.S.S. program later this fall.

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