Alumni spotlight: Kyle T. Pearson, D.P.M., M.H.A.’11

Kyle Pearson
Kyle T. Pearson, D.P.M, M.H.A.’11

Undergraduate/professional background

I attended Luther College in Decorah, IA.

Favorite part of my job/residency

My favorite part of my job/residency is acquiring new cutting-edge techniques and knowledge about the medical, podiatric and orthopedic fields on a daily basis. While training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, residents receive top-quality on- and off-service rotations in which we work side by side with residents and attending physicians who are or will be specialists in other fields.

Best memory of DMU

I enjoyed collaborating with classmates who became great friends and colleagues.

How I was involved as a student at DMU and/or how I continue to stay involved with DMU

While I was a student at DMU, I completed a dual degree in podiatric medicine and health care administration. I had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of clubs and organizations, including ACFAS, AAPSM, ACFAOM, PPMJ, APMA and Pi Delta. I was a class officer, a surgery teaching assistant, a student ambassador and a student tutor. I volunteered at the Catholic Worker House, Habitat for Humanity and Senior Health Fair, and I helped organize and coordinate fundraising events. I enjoy staying involved with DMU by keeping in touch with current students, faculty and former classmates.

Advice to those graduating or just beginning residencies

Take advantage of every opportunity you have to learn.

What has most surprised you about the residency or profession?

DMU prepares us well for residency; however, you can never be fully prepared for the every-day events you will encounter until you experience them yourself. You will quickly learn how to prioritize, and tasks you thought were impossible at first become routine.


Sports, outdoor activities, fishing, hunting, going to concerts, foot and ankle surgery, and family.

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