Hands-on learning for physical therapists

The post-professional doctor of physical therapy (PPDPT) program at DMU can be completed entirely online, making it a great option for practicing physical therapists who want to advance their career.

Some students come to campus for a weekend to take a manual therapy class dealing with the physiological, neurological and psychological aspects of manual therapy. While students can qualify for an exemption of this course, it is a great opportunity for them to see the campus and meet their fellow classmates and professors.

Gwen Garrido, a 2010 grad of the PPDPT program, from Bellaire, TX, enjoyed her recent manual therapy course at DMU. “This is the highlight of the program for me. I had the chance to see my online classmates face-to- face, especially those who post to the discussion board a lot. It is also the time to meet with the exceptional teachers who are imparting tremendous knowledge to the students based on their evidence-based experience. I enjoyed the actual practice in the laboratory and the collaboration with peers on different manual therapy techniques.”

Learn how to apply to the PPDPT program, see the admission requirements and check out the curriculum.

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