Apply to podiatric medical school

The 2011 application for the doctor of podiatric medicine program at DMU opens this week! For students who are entering their senior year of college, this is the time for you to apply. You can start the application process while you are still finishing your prerequisite coursework.

Keep in mind that you should also plan to take the MCAT around the same time (if not before) you apply. MCAT scores are required of all applicants for the admission committee to make a final decision. Check out our class profile for the class of 2014 to see how you compare with students starting classes at DMU next week.

It’s also time to figure out who you’re going to ask to write your letters of recommendation. DMU requires one letter from a doctor of podiatric medicine (D.P.M.) and one letter from a science professor or adviser. If you’ve never shadowed a D.P.M. before, a good way to locate one is the D.P.M. Mentor Network.  You can also locate D.P.M. students on the mentor network who you can contact with questions regarding their experience. I strongly encourage everyone to shadow at least one D.P.M. prior to applying.

Applications are accepted August 2010 through June 2011 for students planning to begin school in August 2011. I encourage you to apply before April 2011 for best consideration. We plan to interview about 200 students for the 58 seats available in our incoming class – will you be among the first to schedule your interview?

Also, be sure to check out TodaysPodiatrist for information on every aspect of podiatric medicine – especially their video about today’s podiatrists!

Contact DMU with questions regarding the doctor of podiatric medicine program, and we hope to see your application this year!

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