Flashback time…

anatomy 1
goofin’ off with skeleton models

So it’s been the week of test for about every program here at DMU. First year D.O., D.P.M. & D.P.T.s  have their head and neck anatomy test, second-year D.O.s  have quite a few exams and my PA class has two exams this week as well.

anatomy 2

The library is packed and people are stressed (or going insane…who knows) so you know its test time around here.
I have been thinking about the first-year’s who are in anatomy. Most of them probably hate all the studying they have to do for anatomy but I beg to differ. Honestly, I would go back to anatomy in a second if I could. I LOVED that class. Not only was Dr. Matz one of the greatest professors I have ever had but I learned more in that class than I may have ever learned in a single class.

Yes, it was extremely hard and required a lot of time but it was always so rewarding to do well and feel as though what I was learning will directly affect my patients.

Anatomy is a class that affects everything and I am so thankful for the amazing staff and facilities DMU has provided our class. I will go ahead and brag on Dr. Matz for a second as he is so deserving of praise in my opinion. He went out of his way over and over to make sure we understood the material and I am so thankful for that. Whether it was answering all our questions, meeting us at 6 a.m. in the lab, or telling us hilarious stories to help us remember…he was always passionate about anatomy and it is obvious he loves what he does.

So with all that said I have been reminiscing about anatomy over the last few days and ran across some of these pictures. From the pictures you can see that anatomy probably did cause us to go insane at times but in the end we had a good time and have funny pictures to prove it. So, thanks to Dr. Matz and the other professors/staff for giving me and my class such a great experience.

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