Well connected

My family doctor is a DMU alum (D.O. class of 1990) and has been taking quite good care of my family for over 10 years. Just recently, she referred us to a local ENT to discuss tubes – the rite of passage for any infant plagued with ear infections (Otitis Media in doctor speak). Needless to say, I was pleased when I Googled the ENT and discovered he, too, was a DMU alum!  

I so enjoy trips to the doctor more when they include a little DMU chatting – alumni love to discuss our new buildings and tell me what it looked like “back in my day, before your time.”  They also have an affectionate way of verifying who’s still on campus with a “isn’t it about time they got rid of him?”  Always a fun history lesson when speaking to alums!   

The Dr. checked out my little guy to see if he needed tubes, and he spent time explaining the anatomy behind why infants get ear infections, what the tubes do and even gave us a video to watch about the procedure.  The verdict is in, and no tubes are recommended at this point – yeah!  But I now fancy myself somewhat of an expert on Otitis Media and am available for tutoring on the subject, if anyone else is interested. 🙂

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