Say what?

I have a professor this semester whose choice interjection is, “Make sense?” He says this phrase at least 20 times during an hour class period. I find his choice of words extremely comical given the fact that he’ll rarely wait for anyone to actually respond, but if he did, my answer would inevitably be the same every time: “Nope. Not even a little bit.” 

“Make sense?” “Negative.” “Make sense?” “No chance.” “Make sense?” “Absolutely not.” 

The truth is in med/pt school there are those classes during which you make a list of words your teacher is using that you need to Google later because you have absolutely no idea what they mean. There are also those classes during which you make a list of songs you want to download that evening. You’re not going to ace every test. You’re not going to get every concept. You’re going to be puzzled a substantial amount of time. But that’s all part of it. The key is balance. That is, make sure you’ve found the best recovery song to download when things just don’t make sense. Jason Mraz works well.

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